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Cling Wrap OSO 600m x 33cm

$40.00 inc_gst

EXTRA CLING BREATHABLE FOOD WRAP OSO® Food Wrap is ideal for food preparation and short term storage, maximising shelf life, minimising spoilage and reducing costs in demanding commercial environments. Microwave safe. This product is heatproof and can be used in the oven. OSO® Extra Cling Food Wrap - High quality with maximum cling, ideal for stainless steel trays and bowls. - Allows contents to breathe; i.e. meats retain natural colour. - Custom made for use with a variety of fresh produce. - Can be used to contain weights when blind baking - Dispenser pack includes the Safe-T-Cutter – a quick, efficient non-blade cutting tool that’s easy and safe to use and reduces the risk of injury in the busy commercial kitchen or other professional environments. - An easy-to-remove Start-of-Roll sticker and a wide opening on the top of the pack offer easy access.