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Panettone Mould 1kg 4pk

$23.95 inc_gst

These panettone paper moulds are made with thick, rigid paper with a corrugated finish, 145 gr/m2. Used for the production of panettone, but also suitable for other types of dough. Paper moulds allow you to prove dough and bake directly in the mould. They can then be pierced and hung upside down if desired. The elegant golden floral decoration on the paper, makes it suitable for presentation and serving of the finished product. A well-loved favourite of both home cooks, as well as commercial and retail bakers, pastry shops, cafes and food manufacturers. Specifications: Diameter: Base-17cm, Top 18cm
Height 11cm
Capacity 1000g
Rigid, corrugated paper 145 gr/m2.
Made from pure cellulose paper. 100% recyclable.
Able to withstand both freezing temperatures, and baking up to 200°C.

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