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Small Oval Banneton Starter Kit

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Proofing your bread in natural rattan bannetons not only gives a charming, rustic look but is also highly beneficial to the bread-making process. As a plant-derived material, it allows your dough to breathe while it's proofing in the basket. Rattan also draws excess water from the dough which results in a stable, beautifully-formed, great-tasting loaf. What's included: 1 x Small Oval 19cm/800g Cane Rattan Proving Banneton with Linen Liner  1 x Plastic Bakers’ Lame  1 x Plastic Dough Scraper Please Note: The banneton should not be used in the oven. It can be used in a proofing oven at just over room temperature, but the dough must be removed for baking.