Standing in the supermarket during the Easter period, it may seem tempting to buy cheap easter eggs, but beware of the potentially hidden danger, transfats. The dangers of Transfats are real. In a nut shell, this vegetable oil is high in saturated fats and bad for our bodies. It is also responsible for a range of environmental issues including the destruction of habitats for wildlife including Orangutans.

SBS has an interesting article on their website detailing some of the chocolate manufacturers who do not use palm oil in their Chocolate Easter Eggs this year. However, the list (as pointed out in the article) is quite misleading, leaving out companies who do not use palm oil in their chocolate such as Callebaut and Haighs Chocolate to name a few.  It also includes ‘palm oil free’ products from companies who freely admit to using ‘small amounts of sustainable palm oil’ in their other products.

While a definitive list of ‘safe’ products maybe difficult to find, the content is both fascinating and flawed. Hopefully though it raises awareness of the dangers of palm oil, while also making you conscious of your chocolate egg purchases this Easter. You can read the entire article on the SBS website.

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