Are you ready for an unforgettable chocolate journey?

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Master Chocolatier, Olivier Fernandez, is coming to Savour this September!


A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

Delve into the art of Bean to Bar with Master Chocolatier, Olivier Fernandez at Savour School.

This is an exclusive Bean to Bar hands-on class that’ll transform your understanding of chocolate – An opportunity you don’t want to miss!


Bean to Bar with Olivier Fernandez – Hosted by Savour School

Learn the various processes involved in making chocolate from start to finish in an artisan chocolate production celebrating the natural flavours and aromas of cacao.

Explore the intricate journey from cacao bean to exquisite chocolate bar with Olivier Fernandez and his extensive knowledge of cacao plantations, fermentation and drying practices.



Class Details

Through a combination of theory and hands-on practice, you will learn:

  • Bean Selection
  • Fermentation
  • Drying
  • Roasting
  • Cracking and Winnowing
  • Grinding and Refining
  • Conching
  • Tempering
  • Moulding
  • Packaging


Class dates:

18th, 19th, & 20th September 2024

23rd, 24th, & 25th September 2024


These hands-on classes are exclusive to Savour and offer an unparalleled opportunity to learn directly from one of the world’s leaders in Bean to Bar.

Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out on your chance to immerse yourself in the world of chocolate with a true master.

Call now to secure your spot.

03 9380 9777


Meet Your Teacher: Olivier Fernandez

Not just any chocolatier, Olivier Fernandez is a visionary in the world of cacao.

With over a decade of dedication to the Bean to Bar by MXBCN initiative in Barcelona, Olivier has perfected the art of crafting complex and unique chocolate flavours.

Olivier is the esteemed director of the Chocolate Museum, where he celebrates the finest cacao in the world.

As the current director, and an alumnus, of the renowned School of Pastry of the Barcelona Guild (EPGB), Olivier has also led the pastry sections of celebrated establishments such as Bonastre Pastry, Hotel Juan Carlos I, and Gran Hotel La Florida.

With Olivier’s visionary leadership, the EPGB has risen to prominence as Spain’s leading training centre, earning increasing international acclaim.


Why Learn from Olivier Fernandez?

With a wealth of knowledge, prestige, professionalism, and a touch of playful creativity, Olivier is a distinguished leader in the chocolate world.

And, well, we think his milestones speak for themselves:



CEO of Barcelona Pastry and Chocolate Guild

2018 – Present

Advisory Council Member and Consultant in cacao cultivation, fermentation and tasting processes at the Culinary Institute of America

2010 – Present

Co-director of Bean to Bar MXBCN

2010 – Present

Organiser of master’s programs on cacao cultivation and transformation, conducting over seven courses annually in Mexico, Peru, and Barcelona, alongside advancements in plantations

2007 – Present

Director of the Baking and Confectionery School of the Pastry Guild of Barcelona


Olivier’s expertise in chocolate and cacao has also been showcased globally at prestigious events and magazine collaborations including Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, China, Ecuador, Vietnam, Korea, and Peru.


Exclusive & In-Demand

The limited spots in Olivier’s Bean to Bar hands-on classes are in high demand.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from a leader in Bean to Bar chocolate making.

Call now to book your spot.

03 9380 9777

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