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So Good RECIPES 2 is an invaluable tool for any chef. It is a compilation of all the recipes published in So Good Issue 9 - 16 by 150 chefs from around the world, resulting in over 1,600 recipes.

The recipes are catogorised into 12 product families;

1. Sponge Cakes and Bakes
2. Sables, Crumbles and other Crispy Doughs
3. Mousses
4. Creams, Cremeux, Chibousts, Egg-Free Creams...
5. Ganaches and other Bonbon Fillings
6. Pralines, Giandujas and other
7. Ice Creams
8. Gels, Gelees, Pates de Fruits
9. Glazes and Sprays
10. Sauces, Syrups, Soups
11. Caramels, Tuiles, Croustillans
12. Drinks, Foams, Sands