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Potato Whip 50g


Potatowhip, or potato protein, has a whipping, emulsifying and gelling effect. Savour's Potatowhip is ideal to be used for creams, foams, meringues, mousses, marshmallows, desserts and beverages. It can also be used in either cold or hot applications. Apply it as an albumin substitute for vegans or for those with milk and soy protein allergies.

Potatowhip is a key ingredient in Savour Online Classes "Vegan Macarons" recipe.

Note: The pH level of the mixture must be 7 for the potato whip to work. If the mixture's pH level is a bit lower, it can be adjusted by adding bi-carb soda.

Dosage: 10-40g per kg
Size: 50g