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Heilala Vanilla Bean Paste 65g


Multi award winning Heilala Vanilla Paste combines pure vanilla extract with vanilla seeds to create a convenient and economical product. Heilala Vanilla Paste is made by reintroducing vanilla seeds to our vanilla extract and adding a natural seaweed thickener to produce a paste that is not laden with fillers, thickeners or sugar to achieve the magic consistency.   This paste is a fantastic alternative to using a pod as it is convenient and economical in any recipe where you want to add a gourmet touch by showcasing the seeds alongside the full vanilla flavour. Perfect in all baking or light coloured desserts such as custards, ice cream, shortbread, creme brulee and whipped cream showcasing the seeds alonside the full vanilla flavour. Ingredients:Heilala Vanilla Extractives in water, alcohol, vanilla seeds, sugar, thickener (Xantham Gum)