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Buffets by Antonio Bachour

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In his seventh book when Antonio Bachour is more Bachour than ever before. Bachour Buffets is his great work, his legacy. A book that gathers in detail the pastry that has made him famous around the world and for which he has twice been chosen as the Best Pastry Chef in the World.  


Bachour takes us on a tour of his way of understanding
artisan pastry, through FIVE thematic buffets, showing in detail the images,
cuts, step-by-step instructions, techniques, and recipes of up to SEVENTY-FOUR
unpublished creations. There is no shortage of pieces of pastries and other
baked doughs, entremets, individual cakes, chocolates, tablets, and petit fours,
among other creations.
As the author himself says, “a buffet must be cheerful, colorful, attractive to the
eye. It can be more or less simple but it must be pretty. The greatest satisfaction
is when people want to take photos of everything and exclaim, “Wow”, “Oh my
God”, and things like that. A buffet is a party and at a party everything has to


FIVE thematic buffets by Antonio Bachour: croissant and brioche, entremets and petit gâteaux, fruits and vegetables, choc and petit fours.


English & Spanish