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All the recipes from so good.. magazine (#17 to #24) in one unique volume  This is the tool chefs favor to update, improve, and diversify their repertoire of creations: So Good Recipes, now in its third edition. In this third installment, we follow the same model for grouping the content, depending on the type of preparation (biscuits, mousses, creams , ganaches…) and the ingredients used (nuts, chocolate, fruit…). That is where one of the main attractions of this compendium lies, in the large volume and variety of recipes and authors offered. Up to 12 different families such as creams, doughs, gels and many other textures, leaving nothing out of its pages. In addition, this manual incorporates the latest trends in formulation and is a reflection of the main concerns of chefs around the world, with endless sensitivities that are also included in its formulas.