At Savour, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive products of the highest calibre. That’s why no one knows our products like we do, because we try and test from beyond the kitchen. Get to know the friendly faces behind Savour and learn about our favourite products.


Sweet Devotion by Daniel Alvarez

To say that I love pastries is an understatement, so that’s why you need this cookbook by the renowned Daniel Alvarez! It has 256 pages of viennoiserie goodness, featuring tips, tricks and recipes to achieve stunning (and delicious) laminated pastries. This book is a must have for any baking enthusiast! 

Lani, Marketing & Communications




Small Depositor With Stand

No mess and perfect portions, every time! This super versatile unit allows the chef to gain better control of their fillings and batters, whilst maintaining the perfect portions. This also means minimal wastage, and it’s compact size makes it easier to store.

Luke, Content Creator




Recalibratable Thermometer

Safety, precision, and ease of use.  This thermometer features a non-slip handle, a long and easy-to-clean probe, and the separate bench top display panel makes monitoring cooking temperatures simple and safe. As seen used by Kirsten in Savour Online Classes.

Ana, Retail Manager




Iwata Neo Airbrush

Level up with the Iwata NEO Airbrush! Perfect for moulded chocolates and cake decorating, this airbrush will have you expanding your skills and exploring your creativity.

Jo, School Administrator & Recipe Editor




Superflex Silicon Piping Bag

The Super Flex piping bag is made of a flexible, highly resistant material. One of the benefits of this product is that it is reusable, so it’s better for both the environment and your wallet. But best of all, the textured exterior allows you to get a better grip, and ease of use.

Agata, Retail




Dipping Fork Set

Working around the highest quality of product and perfection, it’s no wonder why I picked this tool. If you are looking to master your dipped pralines, than look no further than this dipping fork set. Comprising of 10 different utensils, you’ll be dipping better than ever!

Kim, Creative Director




CW1917 Chocolate Mould

Stand out from the crowd with this patission mould! This is perfect if you are looking for a mould with a design that speaks for itself. With it’s eye-catching flower shape, you can create the perfect little chocolates, or a beautiful garnish for your cake.

Christean, Pastry Chef




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