There’s no better way to make your entremet or petit gateau more elegant, more chic, or more flawless than with the perfect glaze! With endless varieties, we can no-doubt help you find the perfect finish. Here are some of our all-star glazes from our online classes. Just make sure you’re logged into your subscription and click the image to go right to the recipe!


If you looked up humble in the glazing dictionary, this is what you would get! A transparent glaze that will make your product shine while allowing you to peek what’s underneath.


This is a glaze that knows how to make a statement! This one’s made through layering different colours, but the technique is all in the pour. It’s a lot less intimidating than you think!


Kirsten traveled all the way to Barcelona to bring you this beauty! Using NH pectin and raspberry puree, this is one tasty glaze and can even be reheated without altering the quality.


WHITE GLACAGE (from Pomme Entremet)
If you’re like us and love to use a garnish, this glaze is like a supportive friend — happy to stand back and let them have their moment! With Callebaut’s Velvet it tastes mighty fine too!


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