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Spinner Electric Cake Turntable

$795.00 inc_gst

SPINNER The electric cake turntable: an essential tool for your kitchen. The spinner allows you to decorate cakes, petit gateaux and create chocolate decorations. Get perfect results simply by turning on Spinner and adjusting the speed and direction of rotation. It allows for both hands free operation saving time and aiding preciosion. Compact, practical and lightweight, Spinner can easily find space even in smaller kitchens or transported for outdoor use. Spinner is composed of a stable body with a circular guide on which rotates a perfectly planar plexiglass plane, with a graduated scale in cm and inch, with a diameter of 24 cm. Allows the correct and constant positioning of the product and the measurement of the decoration. It can turn both clockwise and anticlockwise at an adjustable speed. Directional LED lights intensify as speed increases. The practical non-slip silicone mat will ensure greater stability during processing.    

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