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So Good.. Recipes, the most extensive recipe collection in international haute pâtisserie. In one unique volume we have included a complete index of all the recipes published in the first eight volumes of So Good.. magazine.

With a index of flavours, a total of 1144 recipes by 120 of the top pastry chefs of the world, So Good Recipes makes it easy to access an abundance of recipes in one single volume and enjoy the recipes from So Good Magazine issues which have been sold out and are not being re-printed.

The book is comprised of chapters regarding to different components of recipes;

1. Sponge Ckaes and Bakes
2. Mousses
3. Creams, Cremeux, Chibousts, Egg Free..
4. Ganaches and other Bonbon Fillings
5. Pralines, Giandujas and Other
6. Gels, Gelees, Pates De Fruits...
7. Caramels, Croustillants, Tuiles, Caramelized Nuts
8. Ice Creams and Sorbets
9. Glazes and Sprays
10. Sauces, Syrups, Soups...
11. Other Drinks, Espumas, Foams, Sands...