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SAF Instant Gold Dry Yeast 500g


SAF-Instant® Yeast Gold Label is a granular free-flowing yeast for use in doughs. SAF instanmt yeast can be added directly to your dry ingredients.
ADVANTAGES 1. This improved version of New SAF-Instant® Gold Label provides 10% to 20 % more activity for doughs      high in sugar & fat.
2. More resistant to Preservatives.
3. Provides uniform fermentation throughout your baking system.
4. Vacuum packaging ensures freshness, consistency and minimal activity loss until opened.
5. Provides tolerance to higher dough temperatures.
6. Improves machinability.
7. Free-flowing properties make it as easy to scale and meter as other dry ingredients.
8. Unopened, New SAF-Instant® Gold Label needs no refrigeration.
9. Warmer dough temperatures are preferred while using New SAF-Instant® Gold Label; this decreases the need to cool doughs to maintain proper fermentation.
10. Can reduce Mixing time 10% to 30%, compared to compressed yeast.

Ingredients: Yeast; Emulsifier: sorbitan monostearate (E491); Flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid (E300)


Instant Dry Yeast - can be added directly to the dry ingredients
Dry Yeast - use the same weight as instant yeast but must be dissolved in water first
Fresh Yeast - requires 60% more than dry or instant (e.g. 10g dry/instant yeast = 16g fresh yeast)