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CH010 Bolla Chocolate Praline Mould

$49.00 inc_gst

The Bolla praline moulds have been designed by Andrey Dubrovnik. One of the world’s most innovative chocolatiers.  Chocolate can change your life! This was the case for Andrey Dubovik: from a curious self-taught chocolate enthusiast led by endless passion, love, commitment and energy, he joined fully–fledged the international master chocolatier’s Gotha. His creations use stunning design and innovative technique.

Silikomart's Chocado moulds are made with a new,  innovative material called Tritan™. Products made with Tritan™ are extremely durable. In fact, they have a greater impact resistance than other plastics and glass, which makes them extra resistant to bumps, scratches and dents, even after years of use and thousands of dishwasher washes. Tritan™ does not contain BPA, BPS (bisphenol S) or other bisphenols which ensures they are food safe. Shape: Praline
Indents: 24
Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 14mm
Mould Dimensions: 275 x 175 x25mm
Material: Tritan™ Polycarbonate
Made in Italy