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CH002 Onda Tablet Mould

$49.00 inc_gst

The Onda chocolate mould series by Silikomart is designed in colaboration with David Vidal. David Vidal’s art is divided between cooking and pastry, with a focus on chocolate, which is always present in his desserts. Chocado moulds are made with the innovative material Tritan™. Products made with Tritan™ are extremely durable. In fact, they have a greater impact resistance than other plastics and glass, which makes them extra resistant to bumps, scratches and dents, even after years of use and thousands of dishwasher washes. Tritan™ does not contain BPA, BPS (bisphenol S) or other bisphenols which ensures they are food safe. Shape: Tablet
Indents: 3
Weight: 85ml
Dimensions:150.5 x 70 h 11 mm
Mould Dimensions: 275 x 175 x25mm
Material: Tritan™ Polycarbonate
Made in Italy