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Callebaut Ruby RB1 33.6% Chocolate 400g

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Best Before Date:  June 2024 After dark, milk and white, ruby is the newest chocolate discovery in 80 years. Born from the ruby cocoa bean it has a natural pink colour without the addition of any colourants or fruit flavourings. Ruby has an intense fruitiness and fresh, sour notes. With its all-round fluidity, ruby RB1 is perfect for a wide range of applications ranging from confectionery moulding and enrobing to ganaches, pastry mousses and much more. Cocoa Solids: 33.6%

Flavour Profile: Ruby chocolate has a beautiful berry flavour with slight sour notes.

Application: Ruby can be used in many different applications from individual chocolates and chocolate bars to tarts, caramels and panned products. Naturally, mixing ruby with other ingredients will also dilute the sour notes and fruity flavour profile. It is therefore best used in applications in its purest form. Ruby chocolate will change colour when added to water-based ingredients, do not panic! When ruby chocolate is combined with liquids, water-based ingredients, mousse and ganache, it will change to a greyish-pink shade. Simply add some pink colourant or beetroot powder to maintain the shade! 

Pairing tips: Green tea, pepper, coconut, star anise and cinnamon.

Origin: Ivory Coast, Brazil and Ecuador

Weight: 400g

Ingredients: Sugar; Cocoa butter; Skimmed milk powder: Whole milk powder; Cocoa mass; Emulsifier: soya lecithin; Acid: citric acid; Natural vanilla flavouring

Please Note: that chocolate is susceptible to high temperatures. While we take every care in packaging items to mail, we cannot guarantee that they will arrive undamaged during warmer months. Shipping any temperature sensitive items between September and April is at the risk of the buyer.

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