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Baguette Bakers Starter Kit

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This kit offers a flax linen bakers couche and wooden handle bread lame with 4+1 blades. During this process, you use a couche cloth (bread proofing cloth) to support your dough. To shape your dough, you simply fold the fabric and place it within the folds. They also prevent the baguettes from sticking to one another as they grow.Linen absorbs excess moisture without drying out your dough; for this task, it is superior to flimsy cotton. For the best results and a tempting taste, choose a linen couche cloth, especially for sourdough. Natural fabrics like this are versatile, light, and durable. As you learn how to bake baguettes, you'll enjoy your baking sessions and find the homemade baguettes irresistible! Cut and hemmed in Australia High-quality, untreated, unbleached fabric Made from heavy-duty 100% natural linen imported from EuropeMeasures L90cm x W70cm, ideal for proofing 3-4 long baguettes at once, Or How to use a bread proofing cloth Add a light, even layer of flour to the couche. Fold the fabric into several creases that will support the dough during proofing. Fill the creases with your shaped mixture, cover, and let rise. After the couche cloth has been transferred to the baking pan, the pastry is ready to be baked. Clean the couche by brushing off excess flour and allowing it to air dry. Be careful not to tear the fabric if you scrape with force. The fabric should never be washed.