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Callebaut Gianduja 475g


Gianjuja is a creamy mix of Callebaut's milk chocolate and a pure medium roasted hazelnut paste. The cream is mixed, conched and tempered to create a lovely balanced taste, and a smooth, creamy and homogeneous texture for great mouthfeel.

Flavour Profile: Creamy mixture of milk chocolate and medium roasted hazelnut paste.

Applications: Use Gianduja as a filling or soften/melt for flavouring of ganaches, mousses, cremes, cremeaux, ice cream, sauces..

Weight: 475g

Ingredients: Sugar; Hazelnuts; Cocoa butter; Whole milk powder; Cocoa mass; Emulsifier: soya lecithin; Vanillin

Please note that chocolate is susceptible to high temperatures. While we take every care in packaging items to mail, we cannot guarantee that they will arrive undamaged during warmer months. Shipping any temperature sensitive items between September and April is at the risk of the buyer.