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Savour Silicon Spatula Pink

$6.95 AUD

Savour Silicon Spatula Pink

$6.95 AUD

In stock




-Hygienic – It has no joins where germs can hide

-Flexible – the perfect amount of flex to scrap every little last bit out of your bowl

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Cannele De Bordeaux

Guest chef, Alejandro Luna, shares his tips and tricks to achieve the perfect cannele. Flavoured with vanilla and rum, this French fluted pastry has a soft custard-like centre and a dark, caramelised crust.

Class tags: France, French pastry

Alejandro Luna



17 mins

Yeild 12

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Sugar Domes

Join guest chef, Anthony Hart, as he demonstrates a technique to create impressive sugar domes that will instantly elevate your creations! Use them for plated desserts, topping a tart and so much more!

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Black Sesame Petit Gateaux

A Japanese-inspired petit gateaux with layers of black sesame Japonaise, almond and black sesame seed praline, and Namelaka cream. Finished with a clear glaze, chocolate sesame rocher, and a candied sesame garnish.

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Muesli Slice

An absolutely delicious muesli bar which can easily be adapted to include your favourite fruit and nuts. Containing peanut butter, oats, coconut, pistachio nuts, almonds, sultanas and rice bubbles, it is full of flavour and texture. Enjoy the muesli slice as is or coat it in chocolate for an added indulgence!

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Kirsten Tibballs



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Apple Tarte Tatin

This French classic is created with an inverted puff pastry base and sliced apples that have been poached in a wonderful apple juice caramel. Apple Tarte Tatin is a comforting and beautifully sweet dessert, perfectly paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Kirsten Tibballs



11 mins

Yeild 1

1 hour 30 mins

Limoni Plated Dessert

An elegant plated dessert that looks as beautiful as it tastes! On the plate you will find a smooth lemon curd, meringue kisses and coconut meringue sticks, white chocolate curls, crisp vanilla shortbread discs, a luscious white chocolate no-churn ice cream from the Savour Online Classes library and to finish, fresh raspberries and mint.

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Kirsten Tibballs



20 mins

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No-Churn White Chocolate Ice Cream

Make room in your freezer for this smooth, luscious white chocolate ice cream! It is super simple to create and even easier to devour!

Class tags: ice-cream, no churn ice cream, no-churn ice-cream, vanilla ice cream

Kirsten Tibballs



5 mins

Yeild 1 Litre