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Moooi Piping Bags 53cm 10 pk

$16.00 AUD

Moooi Piping Bags 53cm 10 pk

$16.00 AUD

In stock

The Moooi Piping Bags are a staple for both professional and domestic kitchens alike. With a rubberised texture for excellent grip, the bags have been designed for the food service industry, are perfect for catering and ideal for light and chilled fillings. 

Size: 530 x 280mm
Qty: 10 (also available in a roll of 100)

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Brioche Polonaise

This delicious, filled brioche is traditionally served in France at Christmas, but we think it is wonderful all year round! Brioche soaked in an infused sugar syrup, filled with candied fruit diplomat cream, topped with toasted Swiss meringue, and finished with flaked almonds.

Class tags: cinnamon, French Christmas dessert, creme patissiere, glace cherries, glace orange, rum, vanilla

Kirsten Tibballs



17 mins

Yeild 15

3 hours

Cookies & Cream Macarons

They may be small, but these macarons will satisfy the biggest cookies and cream cravings! Lucious white chocolate and cookie crumb ganache sandwiched between 2 cookie crumb studded macaron shells and finished with an embellishment of, (you guessed it!), more cookie crumbs.

Class tags: chocolate cookies, chocolate crumb, cookies and cream, Italian macaron, Italian meringue macaron shell, white chocolate ganache

Kirsten Tibballs


Beginner mins

Yeild 60

2 hours 30 mins

Saint Honore

Originally designed in Paris, this French patisserie classic is simply fantastique! Coils of choux pastry piped onto an inverted puff pastry base and topped with creme patissiere. Finished with craquelin encrusted choux puffs that are filled with more creme patissiere and coated in toffee. Lastly, it is topped with white chocolate Chantilly cream piped with the signature Saint Honore tip.

Class tags: choux bun, croustillant, France, piping, profiteroles, sable, st honore

Kirsten Tibballs



34 mins

Yeild 1

3 hours 45 mins

Limoni Plated Dessert

An elegant plated dessert that looks as beautiful as it tastes! On the plate you will find a smooth lemon curd, meringue kisses and coconut meringue sticks, white chocolate curls, crisp vanilla shortbread discs, a luscious white chocolate no-churn ice cream from the Savour Online Classes library and to finish, fresh raspberries and mint.

Class tags: lemon cream, lemon dessert, piped meringue, piping, sable, vanilla sable

Kirsten Tibballs



20 mins

Yeild 8

45 mins

Macaron Faults with Tim Clark

Join Tim Clark as he demystifies the macaron. Learn how to identify the common problems when making macarons and gain tips for troubleshooting. It may seem complex, but this class is sure to up your macaron game!

Tim Clark



10 mins

Yeild NA

0 min

Orange & Cardamom Crunch Chocolate Filling

This recipe combines the fresh flavour of orange with the aromatic addition of cardamom, paired with a hazelnut praline crunch. Perfect for filling the moulded chocolate bar or bon bon of your choice!

Kirsten Tibballs



15 mins

Yeild 40 moulded chocolate bars

30 mins

Apple Macarons

These colourful macarons are a great way to practice the technique behind creating a shaped macaron shell, and are filled with a tart Poached Apple Jelly and a sweet Cinnamon Mousseline Cream!

Kirsten Tibballs



21 mins

Yeild 64

2 hours


Put your leftover brioche to good use by turning it into a bostock with an infused almond syrup and almond cream! 

Kirsten Tibballs



11 mins

Yeild 10-12

25 mins

Luscious Cherry

A tea cake with chocolate, pistachios and cherries that’s perfect on it’s own – or go the extra mile and top it with a luscious cherry marshmallow, and dip it in a velvety cherry-red chocolate glaze.

Class Tags: coconut, crumble, dipped, gourmet glaze, piped, piping

Kirsten Tibballs



20 mins

Yeild 2

1 hour 10 mins

Apricot Meringue Using Albuwhip

A simple fruit-flavoured meringue using Sosa’s Albuwhip egg white powder which is five times more stable than egg whites.

Kirsten Tibballs



16 mins

Yeild 425g

20 mins

Melissa Coppel’s Mount Lychee

Melissa Coppel returns to Savour online classes with one of her signature chocolates featuring an intricate spray design, a smooth vanilla yoghurt ganache, lychee rocher and a raspberry compote.

Melissa Coppel



20 mins

Yeild 24

3 hours

Cherry Choc-Coconut Dessert

A modern plated dessert with different applications of cherry, refreshing coconut ice cream, chocolate crumble, chocolate brownie and mousse.

Kirsten Tibballs



33 mins