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Heilala Vanilla Bean 2pk

$22.95 AUD

Heilala Vanilla Bean 2pk

$22.95 AUD

In stock

Past Best Before Date: July 21

Heilala Vanilla Beans 2pk

Premium Heilala Vanilla beans are organically grown and hand-selected for their freshness, rich flavour and aroma. They are moist, plump and packed full of beans. Simply split the bean and scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean or simmer the whole bean in liquid as the recipe requests.

This is one of the standard products used at Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School

Unfortunately due to shortages created by weather conditions vanilla beans prices are at an all time high. We will endeavour to pass on savings as crops become more plentiful in the future.

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Stunning in appearance and delicious in taste, this chocolate bar is created in Kirsten’s custom designed Goccia Bar Mould. With a gold metallic, red and yellow cocoa butter finish, the bar is moulded in white chocolate and filled with a sensational pecan and orange praline.

Class tags: caramelised pecan, caramelised pecans, cinnamon, coloured cocoa butter, Goccia-B, moulded chocolate, spraying, spraying cocoa butter, vanilla

Kirsten Tibballs



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Yeild 16

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Yoghurt, Rice, Strawberry, and Rose Petit Gateaux

Indulge yourself in Guillaume Lopvet’s petit gateaux with layers of strawberry and rose confit, rice pudding, and vanilla sponge encased in rosewater and yoghurt mousse, sitting on a crispy sable base. Finished with a bright red glaze and topped with piped vanilla white chocolate Chantilly, rice tuille, rose gel, and dried rose petals.

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Pastry Cream

A simple base recipe with great consistency – perfect for any application

Jerome Landrieu



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Nicolas Haelewyn’s Mont Blanc

Nicolas Haelewyn innovates with his extravagant, but simple, take on a mont blanc!

Nicolas Haelewyn



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Eternity Entrement

This beautiful, light entremet encompasses layers of almond shortbread, basil Madeline sponge, passionfruit mousse made with Italian meringue, milk chocolate custard, white chocolate mousse and lemon jelly. Finished with a yellow coloured white chocolate glaze and garnished with yellow chocolate discs, gold chocolate spheres and a white chocolate nest created with the shock crystallisation technique.

Kirsten Tibballs



52 mins

Yeild 3 Entremets

3 hours 40 mins

Coffee Eclair

An indulgent éclair sure to please. Piped choux pastry filled with coffee infused cream, dipped in a dark chocolate glaze and topped with crunchy cinnamon crumble, white chocolate curls, salted caramel crispearls and cocoa nibs.

Kirsten Tibballs



27 mins

Yeild 30

1 hour 10 mins

Vanilla Ice Cream

Kirsten Tibballs shows you how to create this creamy vanilla ice cream. Churned in an ice cream machine and set in the freezer, this versatile recipe is ready to serve in conjunction with any of our desserts. – Gluten free.

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6 mins