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FOUR In ONE On the Boundaries of Chocolate

$82.50 inc_gst

Four talented chefs in one book containing 72 unedited creations, over 300 recipes, theory, thechniques and step-by-step processes which are distributed in four major thematic blocks: pastry, chocolate, desserts, and artistic.

There is also a delicious story about the two decades of the Chocolate Academy in Barcelona (Spain), which is also part of the sector’s history, told in the first person by its protagonists.

A total of 432 pages of talent, creativity, modernity, and good taste, with chocolate at its center, but pushing its own limits. A book which has all the ingredients to become a great reference in today’s patisserie.

Languages: English/Spanish

Authors: Ramon Morató, Josep M. Ribé, Raúl Bernal and Miguel Guarro

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